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In accordance with the IPC standard, Impedanca manufactures printed circuit boards of the highest quality class.

Circuits are a vital part of various electronic devices and are intended for installation in devices for various purposes and are made of various materials (FR4, CEM1, aluminum, Teflon, rogers). We procure input materials and components from leading providers at the most competitive prices possible, thus ensuring quality at reasonable prices.

We also offer flexible and rigidly flexible printed circuit boards.

We carry out regular quality controls in the production process. We are focused on fast but flawless production, reduction of production costs, material and energy efficiency of the production process and short delivery times. Our concern for the environment is confirmed by the acquired ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

Machine assembly of SMD elements (Pick & Place)

The modern production line of the renowned manufacturers Europlacer and Ersa is equipped with various modules and upgrades for automatic laying of components of class 01005 to 50X50mm. At the same time, we have two precision Samsung SM481 + tilts with ten heads. Each head can lay 38,000 components per hour - sizes from 0402 upwards, all the way to precision IC chips (BGA, QFN, DFN…).

The design of the line enables the production of smaller and larger series, as well as sample and prototype products. SMD components can be laid on both sides.

With the aim of optimizing the laying process, our development staff can also be involved in the initial agreements, thus making the construction of the final products as economical as possible. The latter also brings long-term savings.

Assembling THT (classical) elements

Printed circuit boards can also be equipped in THT technology. With the help of the techniques of classic rolled manual soldering of components, as well as the techniques of advanced selective soldering of components, boards with THT components can be equipped on one or both sides. The experienced high-performance team and machines of the established Ersa brand enable the precise execution of simpler and more complex projects.

AOI (automatic optical control)

One of the most important phases of equipping boards with SMD components is certainly the automatic optical inspection (AOI control), which ensures high-quality finished products. With the help of AOI testing, visual control of the correctness of laying and the quality of soldering is performed. Regular AOI testing also provides statistics on equipped panels, and in accordance with the findings, the settings of machines in the production line are also corrected if necessary.

The company has two AOI devices (Vi technology 3k3), which is able to provide a detailed overview of between 250,000 to 400,000 components per hour.

Final testing

All functional tests of serial finished products are performed within our capacity, thus shortening delivery times and ensuring diligent final inspections of products. The testing department counts several trained experts who together record several decades of experience in the field.

Most of the test devices were developed and manufactured by ourselves, and in addition to programming the services of already equipped panels, we also offer our customers the production of test devices.


We offer our customers the equipment of assembled printed circuit boards with cables and the installation of equipped PCBs in finished products.

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